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Haiti / Puerto  Rico / USA

Writing is my form of spiritual work. where my intersection’s of Black, Caribbean, Latine and woman is added spice & tools to further build what world I’d like to live in via the imagination. To build what I believe is a safe space for generational healing and life’s current observations and critiques. I hunger for places where the confines of the societies rules, disparities, scarcity and regulations are nonexistent and leaves space for more. I create it on a sensory holistic level.


Woz Quartz

a ritualistic imagining

Artist Notes

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Transcript for Woz Quartz by Lysz Flo

a ritualistic imagining by Lysz Flo

Suffering floods my cheeks.
I escape to a utopia built of
ancestral healing and dreams.

The world before me disintegrates
into soot and rage

A suspended orb released by
gravity beckons me home.

I arrive at Wozquartz
a child of immigrants comforted
a lead pumped heart experiencing
sugary exhales of liberation in
the isolated in between of
bruiseridden body and
broken spirit.

Unable to take any
more suffering
black women come to my rescue.

As I crumple onto my knees,
weary against the lush carpet
of blushing grass,
I am embraced by the cotton
candy shock feeding my eyes.

And still
I awaken to the sinking
feeling in my stomach
fear stricken sweats of the
Rough Draft planet’s.

Violence imprinted in
my very epigenetics. I am told
to inhale
ease becomes my weighted blanket
binaural beats play.

Mental wellness is built into
the fibers of Wozquartz
in this rose colored neptunian
hue pink mist tasting of
rose tea and honey.

We are the inclusions of this
gem a thousand layer garden
quartz of lush forest exists in
delighted wonder in a faceted
diamond with soft edges.

This homecoming
a diaspora reunited.

Blackness stays, moves,
visits for reprieve coming to
freedom into a world
just for us.

We-BE- and it is enough.

We don’t need to defend our
gathering nor each Ooh Chile in
multilingual vernacular we speak
without code switching.

We are human and beings
luxuriating in the abundance
of this epicurean harvest.

Each home an astrological haven
based on birth time.

We scientists and
we a myriad of shade we
are and it-is- enough.

Without paper gates stopping us
from taking flight nor
concept of scarcity.

We commune inner and outer
children gathering in tropical
jungle gyms.

We rest in the leafy shadows.
Adults heal in this simultaneous

Time is dictated by streetlights
clicking on and we get led home
in a hologram on time
for dinner.

Each and every sundown away
melts the worries of the
rough draft planet.

The children are safe,
free to dream, love and be.

We are surrounded by Woz Quartz
compassionate essence plumes of
pink encapsulated in
nature’s glass.

Lysz Flo

Lysz Flo



Lysz Flo, an Afro-Caribbean Latine, is a polyglot word artist and indie author. She is a proud member of The Estuary Collective, where her creativity flows freely. Additionally, she hosts the Creatively Exposed podcast and has been honored as a Voodoonauts Summer 2020 Fellow. In March 2020, Lysz Flo released her poetry novel “Soliloquy of an Ice Queen,” a testament to her creative prowess.

Since 2020, Lysz Flo has been a dedicated educator at Grubstreet, sharing her knowledge and passion for the written word. Her poetic brilliance has graced the pages of publications like FIYAH, Hellebore, Skin Coloured Mag, Digging Press, and her multimedia projects have left a lasting impact, including her contributions to O’ Miami.

Outside of her literary pursuits, Lysz Flo is the owner of, an online crystal and spiritual wellness shop, where she combines her creativity with holistic well-being.

Lysz Flo’s work in speculative fiction draws inspiration from luminaries such as Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, Nnedi Okorafor, and NK Jemisin. Her storytelling is enriched by the folktales of Haiti and the Caribbean, instilled in her since childhood, as she seeks to honor the cultural legacy of freedom and resilience beyond the transatlantic slave trade.

Incorporating the influences of music and dance, Lysz Flo finds evolution in the performances of Alvin Ailey and Afro-Latin salsa dancers. The rhythms of Parliament Funkadelic, Manzel Bowman, and Paul Lewin, along with other Afrofuturist artists, shape her approach to language and storytelling, blending tradition with forward-thinking innovation.

Beyond the Black Diaspora, Lysz Flo’s writing is also informed by the work of fellow writers of color. She draws from the visual poetry of Monica Ong and the intimate resilience of José Olivarez, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the page.

For Lysz Flo, writing is a form of spiritual work, where her intersections of Black, Caribbean, Latine, and womanhood infuse her work with rich layers. She aspires to create worlds where societal confines disappear, offering space for boundless creativity and imagination. Her creative journey is a path to generational healing and a platform for insightful critiques of life’s complexities.



As a writer of speculative fiction, my work is in conversation with the giants of the genre, including Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, Nnedi Okorafor, and NK Jemisin. They’ve shaped my world-building and magical systems, expanding my storytelling horizons. My roots in Haitian and Caribbean folktales, deeply ingrained since childhood, enrich my narratives, honoring the cultural legacy of freedom and resilience beyond the transatlantic slave trade.

In the realm of music and dance, Alvin Ailey and Afro-Latin salsa dancers have brought nonverbal storytelling to life. Influences from Parliament Funkadelic, Manzel Bowman, and Paul Lewin have ignited my Afrofuturist creativity, emphasizing rhythm, community, and envisioning the future.

Beyond the Black Diaspora, the visual poetry of Monica Ong and the culturally rich resilience of José Olivarez have expanded my artistic boundaries. My aspiration is to weave these influences into a unique and groundbreaking voice within the realm of speculative poetry..


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