Kindall Gant


“the oracle to x” is excerpted from a larger manuscript in progress which endeavors to be an afrofuturistic voyage through the ekphrastic form. Reflective of Kindall’s artistic practice which is curious and explorative, this work is experimental in shape, dynamic in content, and brings in other culture-makers like Malcom X and The Matrix film to the poem.

the  oracle  to  x

A visual poem as a black and white image of the letter h, titled  the oracle  to x
Kindall Gant

Kindall Gant



Kindall Gant (she/they) is a Black femme poet and New Orleans native based in Brooklyn. She experiments with visual storytelling as liberation through themes of home, heritage and history, bringing poems into conversation with expressive forms like film, visual art, music and photography. They have received support from Cave Canem, the Poetry Foundation, MASS MoCA, the Saltonstall Foundation, and The Watering Hole among other arts institutions. Her work appears in Torch, the What a Time to Be Alive zine carried at the Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin, the 1619 Speaks anthology published by the Sims Library of Poetry, and Polemical Zine.


This work is in conversation with N.H. Pritchard’s concrete poetry in The Matrix, Poems and Eecchhooeess.

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