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Welcome to Black Listening, a new project inspired by Obsidian’s groundbreaking Black Listening event which took place on July 18, 2021. The Black Listening website aims to continue the conversation initiated by luminaries like Lauren K. Alleyne, Duriel E. Harris, Douglas Kearney, Rosamond S. King, and avery r. young. Through Outta Sight, our upcoming Vol 49.2 and the O|Sessions Exhibition, a curated collection of art including pulsating soundscapes, evocative visuals and literature, and thought-provoking poetry—featuring a diverse array of artists pushing the envelope of creative expression. Feel free to explore, engage, and most importantly, enjoy the limitless possibilities of work that speaks volumes.

Obsidian O|Sessions 1.0

Black Listening:

World Listening Day 2021 Conversation

Click this link to visit the O|Sessions archive. Learn about the roots of this exhibition.
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Black Listening's website front page header art and Obsidian 49.2 cover art were  created by Nettrice Gaskins

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